Specialists in sales, installation and maintenance of production factories and machinery, Water Treatment and packing/bottle...

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We provides a range of professional consultancy services to support your organisational capability towards process improvement

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Choosing the right know-how makes a difference. When it comes to implementing improvement programmes, you get true Practitioners.

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Sales, Installation and Maintenance of Production Factories and Machinery

Water Factory Machines

We Ensure Quality

UDECO Engineering manufactures a high-quality RO Plant, Treatment Plant, Ball Valve etc. All our products are...

Oil Processing Machines

Guaranteed Refining Quality

To obtain high-quality soybean oil, a series of soybean oil processing equipment is involved...

Yoghurt Processing Plant

Trouble-Free Process

Yoghurt production is used to typify the production of all fermented products. The milk is brought to the required...


What We Do

We do sales, Installation and maintenance of production factories and machineries; e.g. Water treatment and packing/bottle machines, Bread/cake and biscuit making machines, yoghurt making and bottling machines, Juice extraction and packaging machines, soap and detergent making machines, bricks and block moulding machines, rice processing machines, cassava processing machines, Oil process machines, rock crusher machines, etc

Specializes in industrial and agricultural machinery fabrication and installations, factory design development and maintenance, machinery supply and engineering consultancy services.

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