Udeco Engineering Company Limited was established in 1976 and specializes in industrial and agricultural machinery fabrication and installations, factory design development and maintenance, machinery supply and engineering consultancy services.

Today, many companies trust Udeco Engineering Company Limited to undertake their projects because we offer skill, craftsmanship, comprehensive solutions, and a customer-oriented focus. Our large facility, extensive machinery and capabilities make Udeco Engineering Company Limited the logical choice.

Our Core Philosophy
The customer-focused core philosophy of Udeco Engineering Company Limited is to do everything possible to ensure our customers are absolutely satisfied with the products we create or repair for them. We understand that you have unique problems and want simple but comprehensive turnkey solutions from people you trust. We strive to understand your schedule, your needs, your desire for quality products, and to add value through our superior ability to manage and communicate throughout the project. Furthermore, we continually reinvest in our machinery and personnel to ensure our customers are treated to the best equipment and highly trained personnel.
So, whether it’s the handoff from fabricators to machinists and painting, or across any other departments, our staff is accustomed to a seamless, multi-disciplinary approach. Some projects even require dedicated project managers to ensure their perfect execution. Because we thoroughly understand your requirements, you’ll find working with us is a very streamlined process.